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Cold Weather Learning

It has been crazy cold where we live…I mean super cold! Windchill values that risk frostbite in under 5 minutes cold. Of course this means that the kids can’t go play in the back yard and dig in the snow … Continue reading

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My Babies are Growing Up.

I haven’t shed any tears yet but I’m sure they’ll come. In the dark loneliness of 2 am baby wake-ups. I have recently been realizing that my babies are growing up. Now, I’m not delusional. I see my kids every … Continue reading

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Summer Time and the Living is Easy….

If you’re like me you’re singing in your head right now. Here’s a version from a homegrown girl, Theresa Sokyrka. You may remember her from season 2 of Canadian Idol. I have been so busy enjoying the nice warm (and … Continue reading

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Spring Science

We live on kind of a busy street so I took the boys for a walk yesterday to a nearby crescent that opens to the park. There is a nice quiet corner in that crescent that is just perfect for … Continue reading

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Movie Night on a Chilly Thursday Morning

Even though it’s April 4th, it is COLD and SNOWY where we live. It was -16° Celsius here this morning. For people who know Fahrenheit, that’s 3°. We still have tons of snow on the ground. Actually, the kids have been making … Continue reading

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Shake Your Groove Thang!

So the boys and I have been testing out our shakers for the last few days. The Gorilla Glue I used initially to glue them shut didn’t hold up so I decided to try hot glue. So far, so good. … Continue reading

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Shaky, shaky, shaky!

Today we went to story time at our local library. My boys always love when the librarian gets to distributing the egg shakers for a rhyme or two. They carefully select the color of egg they think will shake just … Continue reading

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