Cold Weather Learning

It has been crazy cold where we live…I mean super cold! Windchill values that risk frostbite in under 5 minutes cold. Of course this means that the kids can’t go play in the back yard and dig in the snow fort they started with their dad last week or ride their snow saucers on our little sliding hill we made. There has been TOO MUCH screen time and a lot of rough housing these last few super cold days. Of course we have built forts, played new games, and had free play time but the lack of ability to pitch the kids outside for even 15 minute intervals is getting OLD!

Super cold!

Super cold!

Today we organized our craft supplies and made a few crafts then saw our Mega Bloks/Duplo sets and I decided to work on some math concepts (in italicized text) with Bubba. Bubba is 4 now and catches on to concepts quickly so I thought it was a perfect opportunity. First, I laid out all the square blocks in rows by colour. Bubba was intrigued and came over to see what I was doing. He quickly went to work building monochromatic block towers. I helped him line them up by ascending height and he got to counting.

Blocks in ascending order

Blocks in ascending order

Bubba counted each tower of blocks accurately and at the dark green tower I stopped him and introduced the concept of counting on. I asked how many blocks were in the purple tower, to which he answered, “Eight!” I showed him that the green tower had one more than the purple tower and since we already knew that the purple tower had eight we could just count on from eight. “Nine!” he replied. We repeated the counting on discussion with the red tower.

Counting to 13

Counting to 13

We discussed how lime green, black, and orange all had the same number of blocks as well as yellow and purple and dark green and blue. After that I introduced the term “equal to” and we went through the same discussion using “equal to” in place of “same number”.

The green is equal to the blue

The green is equal to the blue

Then I asked which colour had the most blocks and which had the least. We compared towers with differing numbers of blocks and I introduced the concept of “greater than“. I made a statement that “the green tower is greater than the purple tower” and had Bubba repeat the statement. We replicated the “greater than” discussion with all the other combinations of block towers.

The blue is greater than the white

The blue is greater than the white

By this time Bubba was wearing thin on patience with all my math talk and just wanted to make the hugest tower possible! We worked together and made a tower out of all the smaller block towers. I had to stuff one more math concept into our play and we counted all of the blocks when I prompted with, “How many blocks are there all together?” Bubba needed a bit of help after twenty-three but we got through it together and counted all fifty-eight blocks!

All in all I was pretty proud of Bubba and how he picked up on the math concepts. We’ll revisit them in days to come.


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One Response to Cold Weather Learning

  1. Jamie says:

    Can you come teach my boys! He is ahead of where we are at! Thanks for the great ideas though!!

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