My Babies are Growing Up.

I haven’t shed any tears yet but I’m sure they’ll come. In the dark loneliness of 2 am baby wake-ups. I have recently been realizing that my babies are growing up.

Now, I’m not delusional. I see my kids every day and marvel at the learning they do. It’s just become apparent lately that they’re all growing up. Before we know it, the hubby and I will be empty nesters wondering where the last 20+ years have gone and how to get our mojo back.

A few examples of how I know my babies are growing up:
10. Baby is no longer interested in nursing to sleep.
9.   Bubba happily goes to preschool 2 days a week without any tears.
8.   Baby is nearing age one and he stands, holding on to everything!
7.   Bubba and Boo (who share a room) had to fall asleep alone tonight because Hubby is away for work and I’m trying to do bedtime with 3 kids at once!
6.   Baby has had a few bruises on his head, one most notably from letting go of the ottoman and landing face first on a piece of wooden toy railroad track.
5.   Boo is working on his “big boy voice” instead of whining. It’s quite cute. He’ll raise his squeaky little 3 year old voice and ask things like, “Mommy, can I have a glass of milk, please?” instead of whinging and whining at my legs while I open the fridge door.
4.   Baby is very independent and even though he has no teeth in his mouth he can eat a cheese quesadilla like nobody’s business.
3.   We just ordered Bubba his first pedal bike and since he’s been using a balance bike for 2 summers we’re not using training wheels!
2.  Bubba is very into superheros and tells me things like “Superheroes don’t need mitts” and “Superheroes don’t need to eat supper”

And the number one way I know my kids are growing up?

We took the kids swimming yesterday since it was a holiday and Hubby didn’t have to work. I took Bubba up the 40+ stairs to the top of the waterslide. He’s awfully skinny so I was holding him to help keep him warm. I instinctively nuzzled him and kissed his cheek to which he said, “Mommy, please don’t kiss me while we’re waiting for the waterslide.” I was a bit taken aback; a tiny bit injured that my baby was rebuking my love in the form of a kiss. I asked him why I couldn’t kiss him while waiting for the waterslide and he said it was “embarassing.”


My babies are growing up.



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I am a wife, mother, and teacher.
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