Spring Science

We live on kind of a busy street so I took the boys for a walk yesterday to a nearby crescent that opens to the park. There is a nice quiet corner in that crescent that is just perfect for some spring science.

Thank goodness for splash pants

Thank goodness for splash pants

What, you may ask, is spring science. Well, I’m sure most of you have done it even though you may not know it. It’s when you take things like sticks, leaves, and ice chunks and float them in the melting snow water that is flowing towards the sewer drains. My boys loved investigating this “pond” as they called it.

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There was a shelf of snow near the base of the driveway you can see in many of the pictures. All the objects we floated would disappear under the shelf of snow and not come back out. Bubba was determined to get just one twig, leaf, or chunk of ice to come out the other side and go down the sewer grate. He must have floated at least 40 items through the water and not a one came out the other side. When his hands got so cold that he wanted to walk back home he took 2 twigs, walked up to the sewer grate, and ceremoniously stuffed the twigs down the grate. “There!” he said, and he was ready to go home.

There are all kinds of things my boys were learning by repeatedly floating found objects down the runoff. We made predictions as to whether the pieces would sink or float, if they would make it all the way to the sewer grate, if size made a difference. We learned about buoyancy and density and surface area. We learned that wet mitts make for cold hands. Nobody fell in the very cold water which is a plus! We stayed there for 30-40 minutes investigating over and over again.

We plan to go back every couple of days and see how the snow has changed from melting and hopefully in a day or 2 the snow will have receded enough that Bubba can float his leaves and twigs right into the sewer grate.


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