Shaky, shaky, shaky!

Today we went to story time at our local library. My boys always love when the librarian gets to distributing the egg shakers for a rhyme or two. They carefully select the color of egg they think will shake just right for them and shake with all their might during the rhymes.

I have often thought of buying a few egg shakers to have at home but today during story time I had a brain wave. Let’s make our own egg shakers! I had a bag of those colorful plastic filler eggs from last Easter that were just sitting in the craft room…or as Bubba calls it, “the mess room”. While Boo and Baby took much-needed naps, Bubba and I raided the pantry and filled some eggs.

We put in breadcrumbs, table salt, brown rice, tiny star shaped pasta, dried split peas, and popcorn seeds. Bubba had a great time pouring, snapping the eggs shut, and testing them to see what they sounded like. While shaking the breadcrumb egg, Bubba squeezed a bit and the egg popped open. My first thought was “UGH! Another mess to clean up!” Instead of getting frustrated,we just swept the breadcrumbs aside and kept filling our eggs! I also decided at that moment to super glue them shut so we didn’t have pasta and salt in all the rugs!

We noticed that the salt and breadcrumbs make soft noises and the popcorn and rice make louder noises. I played a guessing/memory game with Bubba as we glued the eggs shut. He shook each egg and guessed what was inside then I put glue around the lip and snapped them shut. We also commented on the quality of sound each pantry item made in the egg. When we shook the salt and it was very quiet Bubba said, “I need to shake this one quietly.” Now, if you know any 3 1/2 year old boy, they don’t do much quietly!

Bubba wanted to keep filling eggs so we raided the pantry some more and filled 3 more eggs. One with toothpicks, one with small shell shaped pasta, and one with sea salt. I’m interested to hear him compare the table salt and sea salt shakers. The toothpicks didn’t do much since they are so long so I decided to break them in half. They make a much better sound now.

Another mishap was had when Bubba opened the egg with the table salt in it. We spilled a bit on the counter. As we all know, table salt and white sugar look similar. Bubba asked, “Can I lick up this salt?” I said, “Okay.” He took a biiiiiig lick and then made a face, spit, wiped his tongue, and then asked me to wipe off his tongue. Poor kiddo! When he opened the sea salt container he turned his head and said, “I’m not eating that!” I laughed and told him he didn’t have to.

When Boo wakes up from his nap we’ll see what he thinks of our endeavours.

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