Interactive Grocery Shopping

For a number of years, at least since Bubba started taking an interest in what went into our grocery cart, I have wanted to make some sort of visual grocery list game. I talked to my hubby about it last week and he thought it was a good idea.

Today Boo and I took to the recycle bin to cut pictures out of the grocery store flyers of common items we purchase. So far we’ve got just over 50.

Boo working the safety scissors!

Boo working the safety scissors!


My plan is to glue the pictures to black bristol board, put the words for each picture, and have it laminated. After that I’ll cut the large sheet of bristol board into cards about 4″x4″. I’m not sure if I’m going to punch holes in each card and have them on a stationery ring or if I’m going to make some sort of booklet for the cards to slide into. The big idea is to have a visual shopping list for the boys to use so they are involved in shopping with me. In time we’ll use it as an opportunity to talk about price comparison on products, how to spell the names of products like “potato” or “milk”, and maybe even use it as a speed game where they each have their own set of cards that they need to find the products and bring them to the cart the fastest. Racing always works with my boys!


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