Smartipants Reuseable Diapers

Part of being a “munchy” mommy is that we use cloth diapers about 95% of the time. We’re not SO granola that we refuse to use disposable diapers from time to time but we like the idea of our kids’ butts being wrapped in virtually chemical-free cloth diapers. When I first heard of Smartipants diapers I was pregnant with my first son, Bubba. He was born so skinny that our Smartipants took a while to fit him in the legs. Our second son, Boo, was born almost a pound and a half heavier than his older brother had been and he fit the Smartipants quite quickly.

I recently saw a giveaway at Letters from Momma for a Smartipants diaper and thought it would be a great way to add to our stash of 12 Smartipants. We’ve only got the original color set in boy/neutral colors and I’d love to dress my boys’ bums in some vibrant colors like the newest colors of Smartipants.

From reading Letters from Momma’s blog review of Smartipants I have become inspired to try my Smartipants again for night time. I’m going to ask Kaylene more details on her night time stuffing routine. Heck, we may reduce our disposable diaper use even more if we can get a night time no leak solution!


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2 Responses to Smartipants Reuseable Diapers

  1. Kaylene says:

    Thanks for writing about my giveaway!!
    I messaged you on facebook, you can also email me if you prefer, what are your questions about nighttime diapering?

    Kaylene 🙂

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