Flats Challenge day 3

Day 3 did NOT start out how I had hoped. I had hung out my diapers the night before and was expecting them to be dry and ready to use by morning. The weather had other ideas. I guess we had frost overnight so the diapers were not even close to being dry in the morning. I left them out until nearly lunch time and used my flannel flats which are my least favorite. I just feel like they hold so much wetness next to my babies’ skin.

We got by until about 11:30 when most of the flats were dry. That night Boo had a hard time falling asleep. It was 10pm when I was finally done getting him to bed then Hubby and I had to eat supper. Some nights it’s just too crazy for us to all eat supper together so that happens. I still washed my diapers by hand but I threw them in the dryer. I just couldn’t bring myself to stand out in the cold, dark night snapping and hanging diapers for 20-30 minutes. I rationalized my choice by saying that even someone without daily access to a washer and dryer would use one some of the time, say at a laundromat.


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