Flats Challenge Day 2, part 2

Today I decided to use 1 large flat, either flour sack towel or flannel, with a small Gerber flat as a doubler. I Origami folded the larger flat and tucked the smaller, pad folded flat into the last fold of the Origami fold. I used my Snappis all day too. They worked pretty well until Bubba got another Snappi bite on his hip right before bed. I’ve got to work on my Snappi skills.

I washed the diapers in my camp style washer after the kids were all showered up and ready for bed. Daddy played with both of them while I washed all 4 covers, 8 large flats, and 8 small flats in 2 loads. I also rinsed them under running water after washing this time instead of in the camp style washer. I did this mostly because my arms and shoulders were so tired after the wash.

After the boys were tucked all snug in their beds I went outside and wrung out, snapped, and hung all those diapers, some wipes, and my covers. As I did this alone in my yard, wondering if the neighbours were watching, I thought about how my mother did this for her younger sister, my grandmothers did this for their children, my great grandmothers and a chain of other women in my family tree have all done this for generations for their children.

I wasn’t alone in my yard; I was surrounded by a tradition of mothers.


About allisontreble

I am a wife, mother, and teacher.
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