Flats Challenge day 2, part 1

Well, the thing I had been dreading happened today. Bubba pooped. He didn’t poop yesterday so I knew he was due. He’s usually a 1 or 2 times a day pooper but he’s been on a banana kick lately so he’s been pooping every other day quite often. It was NOT a ploppable poop. It was very mushy and he’s been on a raisin kick lately. You cloth diapering moms (and dads) know what that means. Plump, juicy raisins in the poop.

Well, as part of the challenge we’re not able to use a diaper sprayer and we don’t have a shower head on a hose so I attempted to dunk, swish, and/or flush the poop in the toilet. I must need lessons because nothing I did got all the poop off. Finally, I resorted to rinsing the diaper in the tub. Of course, that led to my tub needing to be cleaned, although it needed it anyway. I hope Boo doesn’t poop for a while. Luckily, since he’s pretty much only breastfed he usually poops 1 or 2 times a week.


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One Response to Flats Challenge day 2, part 1

  1. Maureen says:

    try using a liner! since we only use prefolds, and poop sticks like crazy to all that cotton, I use a very thin piece of fleece as a liner (also helps wick moisture away). than when there is a poop, you only have to dunk/swish the liner. its much easier! and I think the rules for this challenge allow liners.

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