Flats challenge day 1

My stash:
6 diaper flannel flats (fabric donated by my MIL, made by me) Cost: free
6 flour sack towels Cost: $12
12 old Gerber birdseye cotton flats (These aren’t square and they are small so I just use these pad folded as doublers) Cost $12
2 Snappi fasteners cost: $4 each
2 bummis super whisper wraps (borrowed from my friend Anita) Cost: free!
2 covers I made patterned after a Bummis cover Cost: Free since I had the supplies on hand but if I had to calculate it, maybe $3 each

Also, my camp style washer was made out of an old plastic pail from kitty litter that I had in the basement and a plunger I picked up as Jysk for $2! I also bought new clothes pins, not that I needed them, but who can resist 50 beautiful new clothes pins for $2. I already have a retractable clothesline that we installed last spring.

Total cost $42

All this to diaper Bubba, 19 months, and Boo, 6 1/2 months. If I had to I could definitely make do with this amount of diapers with my 2 kids if I could do laundry every day or every day and a half.

Day one was supposed to be a crummy rainy day in our part of Canada. As it turned out it was cool and overcast all day but not rainy. That was good because I needed to hang diapers out overnight. I’ve decided to wash every evening and hang overnight. I hope this plan works!

Initially I was worried that Bubba wouldn’t sit still enough to use folded diapers and a snappi. I was wrong. He did great! Although after his first trip up the stairs he started whining and grabbing at his hip. The snappi had gone through the diaper and was poking his hip. I quickly changed him so that I just pad folded a flour sack towel inside his cover. This worked great. Boo was another story! This kid LOVES to hold his feet while being changed. It was mighty difficult to get him to hold still enough to wrap the diaper around him, snappi it, and put on the cover.

Most of day 1 both my boys spent in pad folded flour sack towels or 2 of the smaller Gerber birdseye flats pad folded. We didn’t have any leaks, even when Daddy forgot to change Bubba before his nap and he was only wearing a flour sack towel with no doubler! Wow!

On to day 2!

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One Response to Flats challenge day 1

  1. This is a really neat article! I am going to follow you through on it. I did flats for a bit with my own babies that I made out of old receiving blankets but I pretty much stuck to my pockets. I know lots of people love flats and would never go back! Almost makes me want another baby just to try flats out on… 😛

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