Crafting Ain’t Easy

I LOVE making things. I’ve always been a crafter. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas when I was 8 years old. Instead of a sport, I went to sewing lessons. I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafting.

Being a mother of 2 makes if VERY difficult to find time to craft. To that end, now that I’ve got Boo sleeping in his crib instead of on me for a nap at the same time that Bubba takes his one and only nap I’m going to try to make some stuff!

My list consists of:

  1. a valance for Bubba’s bedroom window
  2. more medium cloth diapers since Boo is chunky and will be in them soon!
  3. swimming/bath towels for Bubba and Boo
  4. finish my cross-stitched Christmas stocking from last year
  5. start and finish a cross-stitched Christmas stocking for Boo
  6. a fabric busy book for Bubba
  7. photo baby blocks for Boo

And I’m sure there will be many more projects as the weeks go on . I’m going to make a tutorial for some of these things and link to other sites where I got ideas for the others. Wish me luck!


About allisontreble

I am a wife, mother, and teacher.
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One Response to Crafting Ain’t Easy

  1. Kristen says:

    Good luck with your projects! You are such an awesome crafter.

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