Cloth Diapers Explained Part 1

I hope to educate readers on the types of cloth diapers that are currently available. Here goes.

Prefolds and Covers

A prefold diaper is generally made of cotton or a hemp/cotton blend. They are several layers thick and has a thicker absorbent panel down the centre. The most absorbent prefolds are 8 layers down the middle and 4 layers on either side.

Green Mountain Prefolds are commonly recommended on the cloth diapering sites I frequent.

Prefolds used to be held on to baby with pins when I was cloth diapered. Nowadays many people simply fold the diaper and put a waterproof cover made of PUL over it. Some people use a device called a Snappi. The Snappi has little teeth that grip the prefold and hold it shut without the risk of sticking baby or diaperer with a pin.

Covers are no longer “rubber pants”, although you can still buy them in stores like Wal.Mart. Most covers are made of PUL, wool, or fleece and have velcro-type fasteners or snaps. Diaper covers come in a variety of sizes with many different features. Here are some different diaper covers.

When Bubba was newborn he was too small of fit into his pocket diapers I had made. I used the inserts for the pocket diapers like prefolds inside a Bummi’s Super Whisper Wrap. I just tri-folded the insert and tucked it into the cover. For Boo (the baby we’re expecting Oct. 31, 2010) I’ve bought 2 more covers but this time I’ve bought the Bummi’s Super Brites. The reason I went with Super Brites instead of more Whisper Wraps is that the Whisper Wrap has a fabric interior and the Super Brite does not. The Super Brite will be easier to wipe clean and re-use if it gets “dirty” or wet.  Aside from the covers and prefolds I’ve also made a few more All-in-2’s for Boo. I had made 3 for Bubba and I’ve made about 6 more. If I have time I’ll likely make a few more so that I’ll have 12 AI2’s and the 3 covers with inserts.

I got the pattern for sewing my AI2’s here but I altered it a bit. I sewed the soaker (absorbent part) to the cover so it just flaps out to get washed. This makes it an All-in-2.

Here are a few shots of Bubba in his AI2’s. He’s about 2 weeks old and 8 lbs here.

Coming soon: Part 2, Fitteds


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