What is a “Munchy Mommy”?

You may find yourself here at my blog wondering what a “munchy mommy” is. The term “munchy” is a hybrid term made from mainstream and crunchy. A munchy mommy has traits of both mainstream parenting and crunchy parenting. I learned this term on Babycenter . com. There is a spectrum of mommies ranging from silky (the most extreme mainstream) to granola (the most extreme crunchy).

So, what, you may ask, makes me munchy rather than mainstream or crunchy?

Well, first off, we primarily cloth diaper (aka CD) our kids. I say primarily because there are a few conditions under which we use disposable diapers (aka “sposies”). We use sposies at night-time because we haven’t found the right combination of diapers and inserts to last our heavy wetter 12 hours. I tried to CD at night when my son was pretty small. Honesty, a urine-soaked, screaming infant at 3 am is not my idea of a fun time; neither are urine-soaked sheets. I intend to do more in this regard in the near future. We have also used sposies on a 4 day trip to British Columbia because, honestly, it was more convenient.

Just to make me more to the crunchy side, I actually have sewn most of my own cloth diapers.

Other things that make me munchy are the fact that we do Extended Rear Facing (aka ERF). If you haven’t heard about ERF before it’s basically buying a car seat with a high weight rating for rear facing so that your child can ride rear facing beyond the standard 2o pounds and 1 year rule. Some car seats rear face for as high as 45 pounds in Canada. I know many children don’t weigh 45 pounds until they are at least 4 years old, but it is safer. Here is a youtube video about ERF.

More crunchiness; we did not circumcise our son. There was some discussion on this topic but I truly feel that since his body is neither mine nor my husband’s it is not our decision to make. When our son grows up, if for some reason he wants to be circumcised, he can choose to do that for himself. After recently viewing this video I am eternally grateful that we did not choose circumcision.

I make some of my own baby food but I also buy jarred food and things like rice rusks. I do not, however, allow my son, who is 10 months old, to eat things like ice cream and cookies or to drink juice. He’ll get his first large dose of sugar on his first birthday and after that it may be a while before he gets any more.  

We have also started recycling more since the birth of our first child. I don’t really have a reason why aside from it’s better than throwing things away.

I find that being a mother has made me want to be better at everything I do and these are some of the ways I’ve chosen to do it. I know they’re not for everyone and in no way am I saying people who don’t do them are any less than I am simply because I do these things.

If you want to know how “crunchy” you are, here is a granola test you can take. I scored somewhere in the 70’s and was deemed “pretty crispy”.


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11 Responses to What is a “Munchy Mommy”?

  1. melanie says:

    Ha! I scored pretty cripsy too. I plan to have a all NCB, breastfeed/pump for as long as I can, make my own babyfood, baby wear, co-sleep, and eat vegitarian/organic as much as possible. I too don’t plan on feeding my child processed sugar at all as a baby and even toddler. I think I’d be more crunchy if 1) I didn’t have to work 2) had the financial means to buy/tend to garden to grow my own food 3)knew more like minded people. But so far I think I can do much better than what I thought was “normal” in the past.

    • allisontreble says:

      Good for you, Melanie! I know, sometimes it’s hard to do what you know is right for you when there aren’t more people around to support you.

  2. Brenda Guthrie says:

    As always, love your blogs : ) .

  3. C-L says:

    What a funny quiz!

  4. Erika says:

    I scored a 70 too! Lol! I think that fact that I breastfed my nephew (who is 7 weeks younger than Matty) gave me a lot of points! Lol!

  5. Mo says:

    Have you found an over night solution yet?? JP is a heavy wetter too, and I found using a mirco fleece AND a hemp insert works great. The hemp is much thiner, and really absorbent. I forget what brand I bought, but I could dig it up if you wanted…
    oh, and I took the quiz; 96! “Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!”
    great blog!!

    • allisontreble says:

      Honestly, we haven’t done much work in the area of night time diapers. I have used a Rumparooz with both inserts successfully but they make his butt so big we have to upsize his jammies! I think once he gets a bit bigger the diapers will fit a bit better without making him bulky. Is your hemp insert hemp jersey? Do you know how many layers it is? I have hemp french terry but it’s really bulky. I could buy some jersey to try.

      • Mo says:

        they are 3 layers, here’s the link: http://www.jamtots.com/JamTots-Fleece-Topped-Hemp-Doublers-P56C0.aspx (I didn’t buy direct from this site, but its the same product I bought from Wee Care Diaper Company) I bought three, they work really well outside the pocket, and than I stuff the pocket with the large micro fleece that came with the BG 3.0. both are seem to weigh a few pounds in the morning, super soaked and heavy. His bum is much bulkier than normal, but not as big as double stuffed with two micro fleece liners.

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